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"Always loved Van Straalen because he has an open listening head on design..and life. When no one was into the softs when I brought them here in the early 80s.. He was fullly attentive to their virtues....and always encouraging to the spirit of inventiveness...he aint no sheep".

Rusty Miller....Soul surfer

5’5" aluminum pocket-rocket thruster shaped by Dick Van Straalan. Aluminum? Yep, vacuum-bagged to the foam, stringerless, and stronger than fuck. Rasta turned it over, stood on it, and it didn’t even bend..."I ran into Jack McCoy’s massive camera, and it didn’t even ding," he boasts proudly".

Dave Rastovich...Spirit surfer

Innovation in technology.........



Fish in the water........

Dave Rastovich in Indonesia riding a 6'1' double flyer available also as an Aviso model

Wait for the flash movie to load.....

Surfboards as an art form.........whats in your head, we will do it

Selection in Byron Bay and elsewhere

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DVS boards now available in England...ask for Trevor
DVS boards use Futures fins...ask for Josh